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8-Week Diabetes Recovery Program

Participants often find themselves completely off their insulin and other medications by the end of the first 3-weeks, and if not, have nearly always significantly reduced their doses. Blood sugar rates become lower and much steadier as guests immerse themselves in the data-driven life-promoting foods and lifestyle advocated in our program. 

Learn how your body digests and absorbs food in order to reverse the processes that lead to a malfunction of insulin and sugar utilization. Walk away feeling better than you ever had in your life and a total reduction of risk of all types of diseases in this liberating and exciting journey to good health and beyond. 

• HbA1c Test
• CMP: Complete Metabolic Panel may be requested from your doctor 
• Blood Sugar Test
• Blood Pressure Test
• Grocery shopping list training with recipe modification and meal planning
• Exercise Training with log
• Whole Person Health Assessment (includes stress management, sleep, elimination, sun exposure, and physical assessment for nutrient imbalances)
• Centralizes Medical Records
• Analyzes Trends & Patterns to record achievements over time