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About Raquel Robles RDN, LDN


I help people manage dis-ease naturally by identifying diet and lifestyle patterns that led to the dis-ease in the first place. I have had a lot of success helping people living with diabetes understand the root cause and how their medications are working to help them understand that with some changes they can achieve a state of wellness where they do not need medication to manage sugar levels and avoid many side effects of the medication and related dis-eases that evolve along with diabetes.  I created the Diabetes Recovery Program to help sufferers end this modern human dis-ease. The tools you'll learn will carry for a lifetime!

You will learn about your diabetes, and why the Standard American Diet (SAD) is a major contributing factor. Learn how insulin injections may be working in your body to increase the development of cardiovascular disease and how to stop and reverse the body's insensitivity to insulin. Three out of four diabetes clients are taking heart medication of some sort. The average diabetic spends over $400 per month on diabetic supplies, medications, trips to the doctor for recurring infections and viruses, lost income when taking sick days, and many other complications.  Managing diabetes is expensive mentally, emotionally, physically - why not get rid of it?

There is no question, that it is far safer and less expensive to manage blood sugar levels through diet and exercise.

Diabetes is a terrible degenerative disease that affects your entire body. Diabetes destroys vital organs and tissues resulting in kidney disease, impaired liver function, pancreatic and adrenal gland depletion, altered heart functioning, slow-healing, and poor red blood cell formation.

The good news is diabetes is a disease in which food is both the cause and the cure! The degree of the cure depends on the severity of the case and the length of insulin dependency.

I understand the process of change and you will never be alone in any one of our programs! Through countless examples and firsthand experience, I understand changing our diet and exercise routines can be difficult, especially with increasing job requirements, family dependence, and current health limitations - but your life literally depends on this change.

I have never achieved success without the need for change.  A long time ago I was suffering with severe asthma. At a young age I learned I was missing out on so much life around me due to chronic shortness of breath. Slowly as I researched, studied and became a registered dietitian nutritionist I learned to beat asthma with proper diet and exercise. Doctors continued to give me more medication but never explained the role of diet and exercise in my healing.  My desire to become healthy and physically well led me to becoming a registered dietitian. With a minor in psychology I also understand the mind-body connection in losing weight.

We help tackle these issues one-by-one in your weight loss journey. I never felt so good without medications - just vitamins and minerals, plant-based carbohydrates healthy proteins and fats and regular exercise and laughter.

When I met my now-husband Mario Robles, he was in need of a serious change in his diet and lifestyle to manage chronic pain. He was also pre-diabetic and together, we changed his eating style. He was in a lot of pain in his pelvis and various joints and muscles in his body. We visited 13 clinics and every doctor had a different possible diagnosis that they were fast to treat with harsh medications to treat the symptoms. We opted to juice, cleanse, nutrient therapy, and gentle exercise. Today, he follows a vitamin and mineral regimen that has helped him get through the pain to be able to run and play with our son.

Our son was also born with asthma and as I saw the debilitating effects of the various foods, we worked to eliminate certain foods and incorporated juicing and vitamin and minerals that have taken him to another level of physical fitness and success. He plays competitive soccer today and has had no asthma exacerbations since the change.

Our personalized programs deliver information specific to your health, goals, and objectives. The tools you learn with me you will carry for a lifetime! My hope is that you will teach your children and grandchildren that their health is their greatest wealth. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve the best possible version of themselves, as I continue my journey to becoming the best possible version of myself too!

When I am not with my clients, I am often found working out or in the kitchen and by a computer. I love to prepare meals and am writing my first cookbook. I have so many goals! One of them is to reach 10,000 diabetics through our Diabetes Recovery Program by 2023. I am devoted to a healthy lifestyle with my husband, and amazing son in the cozy corners of Palos Hills, Illinois where you can smell burning wood on cold winter nights and still hear the band play nearby.

"Create the kind of self you will be happy to live with all your life!"


With So Much Devotion, 
Raquel Robles, RDN, LDN