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Diabetes Recovery Program with Successful Clinical Trials

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic degenerative inflammatory process that ages the body at an accelerated rate. It is characterized by imbalanced blood sugars going above 100 to glucose spiking, prediabetes, and finally full blown-diabetes.

More than 90% of people with diabetes are overweight or obese. We need to be clear: obesity does not cause diabetes. It is an indicator that is easy to associate with diabetes and helps us track the diabetic trend. The world needs to change its diet and lifestyle relying on junk food and high-sugar and high-saturated animal fat, trans-fatty acid, and pesticide –and herbicide – laden food.

Who gets diabetes?

Figure 1. Diabetes is a global pandemic.

Diabetes, usually a disease associated with a wealthy and unhealthy lifestyle, is an epidemic in developing countries as they achieve a higher degree of urbanization. As populations switch from their native diets to the “foods of commerce” their rate of diabetes increases, for some in drastic proportions as seen in Figure 1. 

Why is Diabetes a Global Pandemic?

According to the WHO, deaths from diabetes will increase by 80% in the Americas, by 50% in the Western Pacific and the Eastern

Mediterranean regions, and by more than 40% in Africa in the next 10 years.

Easier transport of goods to these countries has facilitated the adoption of the fast food options of America.

The Key to Stopping this Inflammatory Process…

…is to identify the toxic diet that gives rise to it. This is primarily a diet high in sugar (complex and simple carbohydrates), high in cooked animal fat and trans fats, and low in fiber. The major offenders are white flour, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and a variety of heavily sugared junk foods and soft drinks.   These are compounded by lack of exercise, inactivity, a culture that celebrates the speed at which technology is evolving and science masticated to produce chemicals that are going into our foods to make them last longer on the shelf while they shorten our lives exponentially. The truth is scary for some and others dismiss the seriousness of this inflammatory reaction, no matter what there is a cure for every state of disease we only must find the causes to reverse them for better health and quality of life.

Diabetes Recovery Program is a holistic, comprehensive course of herbs and nutrients, and supplements used to accelerate the overall return to normal physiology.  This program will ameliorate diseases like diabetes, cancer, depression, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and more.  The foundation for reversing diabetes is turning on the antiaging genes and turning off the expression of the diabetogenic genes. This is accomplished by live food, moderately low carbohydrate foods that are full of live enzymes and electrical energy that improves the functioning of all cellular activities in the human body.  It brings in phytonutrients (cannot be encapsulated) that activate the antiaging and antidiabetic genetic effect. Optimal health, longevity, vitality and spiritual attunement are hallmarks of a live-food lifestyle. Once people have reached a certain level of repair and have returned to a normal healthy, nondiabetic physiology they do not need to use the same supplements and herbs. We will always have to eat in order to maintain a healthy physical expression of our genes and live a whole new way that prevents the onset of not only diabetes but chronic disease in general.

Successful Clinical Results signal there is explicit hope for Type 2 Diabetes being completely reversed.