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Gallbladder Dis-ease (Gallstones and Cholesystitis)

Did you know the primary cause of gallstones is diet? Specifically, fiber deficiency, fried foods, saturated fats, excess dairy products, excess sugar and refined carbohydrates, and overeating are the cause of most cases of gallstones. The typical American diet of high cholesterol and saturated fatty foods such as fried eggs, bacon, white toast, butter, and coffee with sugar and cream is a fine example of a diet carefully designed to cause gallstones, as well as other serious dis-eases. Saturated fats, such as excess eggs, milk, cheese, butter, meats, and hydrogenated margarine are all a major factor in causing gallstones. Ninety percent of gallstones are primarily cholesterol in composition. Refined carbohydrates and sugar upset cholesterol metabolism and increase blood cholesterol levels. They also decrease bile flow. This effect is enhanced by a high-protein diet.

Unsaturated oils help stimulate the gallbladder to contract vigorously and thus cleanse itself on a regular basis. Raw, unrefined olive oil is the most efficient of all oils. This is the reason why Italians, who consume large amounts of olive oil in their diet, have a low incidence of gallstones. Olive oil has been used for therapy in gallbladder disease as far back as the Roman Empire.

The surgical removal of the gallbladder (rarely necessary) robs the body of a useful organ and does nothing to correct the cause of the gallstones or disease. Start adding soluble fiber to your diet, specifically bran and ground flax have been shown to therapeutically lower cholesterol levels by increasing the flow of natural bile acids which lowers cholesterol and dissolves stones naturally!