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Fiber is key to weight loss

I think the most difficult health issue that many people struggle with these days is managing their weight. A common misconception is that overweight and obese people have a lack of motivation, will, or knowledge. As a dietitian, I know these opinions are not true and many times overweight people are misunderstood. Still, there are solutions to every issue, and losing just 5% of your body-weight can significantly improve your health and prevent or reverse disease.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that you can lose weight without factoring in diet and exercise. But I am going to discuss some excellent natural ingredients that can make your healthy journey more comfortable and successful.

Fiber is key to weight loss

Fiber is a key component of weight loss. There are a few reasons for this. First, fiber fills you up. It essentially stops a sensation of hunger. That’s why you’ll see fiber-rich foods recommended for anyone who is trying to lose weight. With enough of them in your daily diet, you’re not going to have that “empty” feeling that signals you to eat more.

Additionally, many fiber-rich fruits and vegetables are typically full of other important nutrients, so they’re also great for keeping you healthy. Aside from these benefits, fiber tends to make bloods sugar levels much more even, too. So you can get a combined effect of feeling less hungry and having fewer highs and lows in your blood sugar levels which would otherwise trigger another bout of eating.

I absolutely think you should be eating plenty of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables whether you are trying to lose a few pound or not.

But to get weight loss going or to get off a weight loss plateau, I’d recommend a clinically studied from of concentrated plant fiber or flax/chia seed daily to help you lose weight.

Combining fiber with other researched ingredients discussed below should help you achieve even greater weight loss.


Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA) is a form of fat found in dairy foods, and other natural sources. The beneficial health effects goes beyond it’s nutritive value, in other word it is a functional food. CLA shows a range of positive health effects such as suppressing cancer, reducing body fat acclamation, delaying the onset of type ll diabetes, retarding the development of arteriosclerosis, improving the minternalization of bone and modulating the immune system.  More research is needed to support the preclinical trials on human studies which prove lean body mass increases and BMI (Body Mass Index) decreases after 12 weeks of intake.

Raspberry Ketones

In human clinical trials, Raspberry ketones are best for those already on an exercise routine. If you are not quite there yet, read on, there are supplements for you later in this newsletter. High-quality extracts have shown some remarkable results in studies focused on boosting the amount of energy/fat you burn during a workout, boosting the amount of fat that is broken down for energy after long after you have worked out, improves insulin sensitivity, decreases fat storage.


Capsaicin, a major active compound from chili peppers, plays a critical role in human metabolic health. especially for weight losing obesity. Eating chili peppers and taking them as a supplement ill keep you burning fat while at rest keep you warmer, and help keep the weight off.


Green tea extract is effective for weight loss at even small doses. A low dose of ECGC from green tea has been found to increase fat metabolism 33% more during and after exercise. Studies suggest that longer therm Green Tea ECGC consumption has the potential to increase fat oxidation and after energy metabolism by evidence of more calories burnt at rest 8 hour after a meal by persons drinking higher ECGC supplements for more than 12 weeks. Amazingly, 30%  increase in running time noted when taking Green Tea extract with exercise training.


Some of the challenges to losing weight include: hectic schedules, slow metabolisms, a sedentary lifestyle, imbalanced diet and blood sugar spikes and crashes that set off cravings. These natural ingredients that can help you overcome these challenges and meet your goals, but yes, you must eat your vegetables, cut the starch, and exercise!

  • Lose fat keep muscle
  • Stop food cravings
  • Keep you feeling full
  • Regulate blood sugar and boost-metabolism
  • Reduce fat accumulation
  • Lower your BMI
  • Enhance exercise


If you are looking for natural ingredients to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals, I recommend taking a combination of clinically tested CLA, green tea, and capsaicin extract. Or you can contact me

When in doubt, always consult your dietitian for guided weight loss strategies. This article is intended to provide you information to maintain good health. You Can Do This

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