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Don't live to manage your medications, Live the Life you deserve!!

Through diet and natural supplements, we help people manage and progress from the complications that arise from your health issue. The management of your health is our #1 priority as we believe that “Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth”.

Learn How To Lose Weight, Treat Diabetes, And Improve Your Health Issues Naturally!

Good Body Fat versus Bad Body Fat

By happyhealthandnutrition | September 14, 2020

Did you know body fat is classified into two types? One type is called Brown Adipose Tissue, or BAT and it burns calories even while you are at rest. It is containing many more mitochondrion, these are tiny energy-producing factories inside each fat cell. The number of mitochondria is influenced by a variety of diet…

Gallbladder Dis-ease (Gallstones and Cholesystitis)

By happyhealthandnutrition | September 1, 2020

Did you know the primary cause of gallstones is diet? Specifically, fiber deficiency, fried foods, saturated fats, excess dairy products, excess sugar and refined carbohydrates, and overeating are the cause of most cases of gallstones. The typical American diet of high cholesterol and saturated fatty foods such as fried eggs, bacon, white toast, butter, and…

The Truth About Milk

By happyhealthandnutrition | August 26, 2020

Research has suggested that 75-90 percent of the people with Type-1-diabetes have abnormally raised antibody titer against their own beta cells. These B-cell antibodies seem to be associated with drinking cow’s milk. Finland, which has the world’s highest milk consumption, also has the world’s highest per capita rate of insulin-dependent type-1 diabetes. The problem is…

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