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Success Stories

  • Margaret: I loved the motivation and information from the dietitian, it wasn't about the money. I was buying all sorts of things that didn't work. She helped me understand why I wasn't losing the weight. I used 5-HTP, a natural amino acid, to help me lower anxiety which was causing me to stress eat often.

  • Kate: I was able to work out more, because I wanted to! I was able to stay motivated, knowing the meal plan and supplements were helping me curve sugar cravings, build muscle, and lose fat. Now, my kids eat healthier too and this experience has been good for the whole family! I used to think plant-based was the way to go for everything and I was heavier than I ever was before working with Raquel. I lost 16# in the first month and now I can see muscle definition and I have more energy than ever before! I am taking  MCT oil, CLA, BCAA's
  • Matthew: My doctor wanted me to get surgery to correct my chronic diarrhea. He explained I had a problem with my nerve. Raquel sat down with me and explained how the nerves were being damaged by my diet and lifestyle. I followed practical advice and now I am surgery-free and having the best digestion I have had in years. She has helped more than my 3 doctors combined! I now take less medication than I ever have. Instead, I take vitamins and minerals that I need to stop nerve pain from progressing. B12 works better than gabapentin - just like the clinical trials!
  • Arlene: My husband and I are both losing weight and making better choices every day, we have gone through so many doctors to help my husband control his diabetes and none of them did for us what Raquel has done. My husband lost his foot to diabetes 1.5 years ago and even then, no one told him it was related to diabetes. He now understands his blood sugar control has everything to do with his amputation and now he is feeling better and in more control. He takes time to exercise, which he never did before and he eats different foods and his blood sugar is so low sometimes he does not need medication. We are still working on changing our eating habits, but with guidance and education, we are sure to reach our goals! We take Nerve Complex and Glycemic Manager
  • Earl: I never knew the information I learned from my dietitian and I had heard diabetes education for years! When I was in the hospital they gave me so much bread, juice, and cookies, pasta, whatever I asked for, just in small portions. Through the Diabetes Recovery Program, I learned how the moderation diet where a little of everything does not work! I didn't have to join any gyms or equipment. I spend less money now and I buy only what I need to stay off insulin and take less medication than ever before. I take vitamins and minerals, proteins, and foods that I always needed but just didn't know what to take or how much to take and for how long. They explain everything to you!
  • Robert: I have peace of mind knowing that physically I can do almost anything that I want, and that my weight is no longer holding me back. I was doing cross-fit, trying extreme fitness programs, and wasn't getting recovery as fast as I needed. I wasn't getting results.  I needed more than I was getting from the food and I went on a specific meal plan and supplement regimen and now I feel so confident! My life has changed from focusing on my weight and physical fitness to my mental strength and work! I have so much more to look forward to when I start my workouts! I know I am doing things and getting somewhere. I take a testosterone booster to recover and have more strength:
  • Barbara: I was going through in vitro fertilization when I met with Raquel. She taught me the role diet has in conceiving. I only wish I would have done this sooner! I began a vegetarian diet. She provided recipes, videos, vitamins, and protein supplements. I was working out way too much and eating way too little yet not losing weight. All these issues were addressed at once with the right meal plan for my life and lifestyle and goals. I take Vitamin Code Prenatal Caps!
  • Brian: I never feel like I'm alone, I can connect with my dietitian instantly. I am back to traveling and my weight has stabilized. I was losing weight without reason. She helped me understand diabetes was not well-controlled and medications were not the answer. I take protein shakes for more energy, and I used to think protein shakes were for athletes only! I am also lactose intolerant, she helped me find the right whey protein for me! I take
  • Ivy: Since working with my dietitian my HbA1c has lowered to 5! My doctor has taken me off of medication for diabetes! If I score an HbA1c of 5 for two consecutive tests in a row I am no longer a diabetic! I have been taking apple cider vinegar with my meals. She explained how vinegar works and when and how much to take. I also exercise. She gave me a routine to follow and now I can do more things with my kids and family. The Diabetes Recovery Program has changed my Life!